The Spanish Cava industry went through a few rocky years in the late eighties and early nineties, but eventually came out on top thanks to the tireless dedication of wineries such as Vallformosa. While many other Cava producers in Catalonia were resting on their laurels, happy to be considered a cheap version of Champagne, the Domenech family of Vallformosa knew that their produce had plenty to say in its own right.

For over a hundred and fifty years, they’ve grown characterful and flavourful grapes on their ancestral land, fought their way through the phylloxera epidemic, survived a bloody civil war, and dealt with drought, restrictive law changes and more besides. It’s fair to say that they’re a family of vintners who don’t quit easily… and that’s something we should all be grateful for.

Indeed, the Domenech family haven’t merely survived against adversity - they’ve thrived in it. Over all this time, they’ve steadily expanded their operations to include many of the finest Cava terroirs in Spain, and currently run three of the region’s most highly respected sparkling wine labels.

With a commitment to continuing the proud, old traditions of their art, as well as being open to the latest technologies and approaches, Vallformosa straddles the best of both worlds. By making the most of that fiery Spanish passion that leads to such amazing drinking experiences, they’re inviting you to get a taste of real pride, real history, and the real taste of artistry.

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