Mark and Rebekah Shaw began their journey and love for wine in 1994, by working in vineyards situated in the wine region of McLaren Vale. Hard days of tending to vines by hand and then gently coaxing the juice from them in the winery developed their passion for artisanal production. They always harboured a dream to make wine for themselves...

In 2002 they built their first home with three young children in Currency Creek on the Southern Fleurieu Peninsula. Here their love for producing wine took flight and they planted their first vineyard. The property was named Beklyn meaning “Pretty Brook” which derives from the passage of water flowing through the Beklyn Estate.

In 2016 the dream finally became reality - by purchasing grapes from three distinct vineyards in McLaren Vale, they finally had the opportunity to craft their own wine. With years of dedication and anticipation behind them, Mark and Rebekah look forward to the next chapter for Beklyn, and all the joy and discovery it will bring.

And their vineyard? They tend it to this day but have not yet produced wine from it. Stay tuned!

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