Unico Zelo roughly translates to Unique Zeal / Energy, which goes a long way to describe the young gun winemaking couple Laura and Brendan.

At 25 years a piece, they have created one of the most innovative new wineries to come out of Australia in years. They are the envy of the old fuddy-duddy end of the wine making town, and we love them for it.

Brendan's early passion for wine saw him jet off to France straight after school to see what it was like to work in a top-notch winery. And it didn't disappoint.

He headed home to skill-up his wine expertise and study viticulture in Adelaide. This is where he met Laura, and convinced her to focus her agriculture brains on the noblest crop... grapes.

Their mission is to produce their favourite easy to drink Italian drops on Australian soil and make them accessible to the youth young Australian wine lovers.

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