If there’s one thing that never fails to get us excited, it’s discovering a winery which blends a never-say-die attitude to viticulture, with an approach to terroir that brings consistently fascinating results. Tellurian is an Aussie winery which fits this bill very well indeed, and since 2002, founder Ian Hopkins has been putting his land to impressive use and producing the kind of wines we love to drink on a sunny afternoon.

The concept of Tellurian (whose name tellingly mean ‘of the land’) was born when Hopkins was offered the chance to explore his passion for Heathcote Shiraz, and put his lifelong love affair with this wine style to good use. After looking high and low for the perfect plot of land, he settled on a vineyard on Mount Camel Range. Here, the 550 million year old Cambrian soils give a distinct character, and impart plenty of unique features to the grapes which grow so well in this corner of the country.

While Shiraz was the cornerstone of Tellurian for the first few years, Hopkins was never one to stop innovating and exploring. Before long, he and his team began experimenting with a range of Rhone Valley grapes - Marsanne, Roussanne, Viognier, and Grenache - and followed this with plantings of Italian grapes such as Nero d’Avola and Fiano. Each harvest brings impressive results, as the Old World grapes take on plenty of Aussie character and a set of flavours - helped by Hopkin’s land-oriented method - which has allowed Tellurian to carve out a unique voice in the industry.

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