Quartz Hill’s vineyards were first planted back in 1995 with a ‘back-to-basics’ philosophy. The vision was of a stripped-back, no-nonsense quality winery, producing wines made with a careful selection of grape varietals, and which were based entirely around the unique features of the plot of land they could call their own.

Expression of terroir has become something of a cliche in recent years, often used to describe wines which - in the glass - don’t really have the relationship with a specific time and place the phrase suggests. However, Quartz Hill use of Shiraz and Viognier grapes are constructed around this principle at every stage of their production, with their almost obsessive approach to small-batch, natural and traditional methods ensuring nothing is lost between the vine and the bottle.

Hand-harvesting, whole bunch basket pressing, biodynamic farming techniques and open fermentation may seem like time-consuming practices in this day and age. That said, it all makes perfect sense when you consider the types of wines that they are attempting to make, and the unique features of the land that Quartz Hill’s vineyards are planted on.

The Victoria Pyrenees region boasts some of the oldest soils on earth, with a fascinating mineral complexity and the ability to lend these fine grapes a range of subtleties which simply couldn’t come from anywhere else.

Thanks to Quartz Hill’s meticulous attention to detail, obsession with tradition, and dedication to 100% sustainable farming practices, we end up with a set of wines which are distinctive to this small, and very special part of Australia.

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