The Aussie wine industry is in a fascinating place right now. Up and down the length and breadth of this massive and varied country, we’re seeing more and more wineries establishing themselves with impressive ambitions of rewriting the winemaking rulebook. How? By kicking back against the increasingly industrialised and mass-produced wines that typified the scene at the end of the last decade, and using interesting methods and stripped-back approach while on the quest for the very utmost in flavour and distinction. Firmly in this category of innovative and nature-driven wineries sits the wonderful Nomad’s Garden, an operation set up a few years back in the Alpine mountains of Northeast Victoria, and one which is bringing out a seriously awe-inspiring set of wines on a regular basis.

The team at Nomad’s Garden are determined not to take any shortcuts, never settle for second best, and have set themselves a mission to stick to their natural and terroir-based credentials every step of the way. It might not make for an easy working life, but it means that their wines are handmade beauties of real character, produced from single vineyards, fermented with wild indigenous yeasts, and bottled on site to ensure maximum control over quality, and the maximum expression of what makes this corner of the world so special.

Nomad’s Garden refer to their produce as ‘low intervention’ (mainly because they claim the term ‘natural’ has become too vague and too much of an umbrella term for a whole range of practices which, frankly, aren’t quite as natural as they first appear), and fully deserve their place among our favourite new wave Aussie winemakers. If you’re looking for interesting, unique, and characterful wines made from a trio of lesser-seen grape varietals (Nero d’Avola, Fiano, and Pinot Blanc), then these guys are sure to tick all the right boxes!

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