Winemaker, Erinn Klein and co-founder, Janet Klein took over their very own patch of the world-renowned Jurlique herb farm and started putting into practice all they had learnt while studying all things wine at Adelaide University.

The pair met there in 2000 while Erinn was studying oenology and Janet was studying viticulture and winemaking. Let's just say, it was a match made in winemaking heaven because fifteen years later that are pioneers in small batch biodynamic winemaking.

Their biodynamic winemaking focuses on four key principles: (1) working with the cycles and rhythms of nature; (2) no synthetic chemicals (fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, fertiliser); (3) working towards a self-sustaining, closed-unit farming systems; and (4) handmade biodynamic preparations as originally developed by the founder of the biodynamic process, Rudolf Steiner.

And on top of this Erinn and Janet are committed to the restoration and regeneration of the land's original flora and fauna. So far they have planted (or perhaps more accurate, replanted) thousands of native seedlings across their property!

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