There are few Spanish regions which can compare to the majesty of Rioja. Within Rioja, the sub-region of Alavesa is where the movers and shakers of 21st century Spanish wine are doing their thing. It is here we find the winery Bodega Luis Alegre - a white, circular, sci-fi prop of a building set in the rolling hillsides, home to some of this part of Spain’s most exciting produce. Bodega Luis Alegre was founded in 1968 by Don Luis, and for twenty five years it steadily made red wines which were typical of the region - deep, spicy, earthy and perfect for ageing.

The 1990s saw Don Luis joined by a new generation of wine enthusiasts, who wanted to set up Bodega Luis Alegre for the new millennium. This meant investing in an arsenal of state-of-the-art equipment, focusing on sustainable farming techniques, and constructing that awesome-yet-bizarre circular winery building.

The winery is designed to work with gravity - the fruits and juices are moved by gravitational forces, minimising the amount of handling and adding to the overall quality of the wine. Today, Bodega Luis Alegre covers fifty four hectares of prime Rioja vineyards, mainly growing Tempranillo, and it continues to grow and change with the times, putting quality and innovation first.

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