Unfined, unruly, unfiltered and wild, the Goon Tycoons are ripping up the rulebook and seeking adventure in Western Australia's finest wine regions. Set up by kindred spirits, the Goon Tycoons are three young guys who have been in the wine industry for many years, let out on good behaviour from their everyday jobs to experiment with small batch wines. This is a winery which takes the notion of expression very seriously indeed. Margaret River has long been the home of pioneering spirits, and the Goon Tycoons are on a mission to unlock the potential of its lesser known nooks and crannies.

Image: @timcampbellphoto for @margaretriver

The wines are designed to promote the unique varieties and grower sites they discover as the Goon Tycoons are consistently on the lookout for the best terroirs, offering the most fascinating set of flavours and characteristics. To date, they have experimented with Riesling to great success, a field blend Rosé, Grenache and a northern Italian variety known as Teroldego. They have also begun to dip their new-age toes into that most Aussie of grapes: Shiraz and will be launching their own interpretation of a modern Chenin Blanc in the coming months!

No matter which vines they work with, the Goon Tycoons will always seek a way to put their own unique spin on things, based on the principles of small-batch production, heightened levels of expression, and a wild and rebellious approach.  They've got all the ingredients for a cult classic – so get in there before they hit the big time!

Image: @timcampbellphoto for @margaretriver

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