Italian wines are rich in history and fascinating features, and none more so than those on the borders of the country, where different cultures come together and share their wine styles and heritage. At Fiegl Vineyards, we find a perfect example of this richness and unique tradition. Situated in the Collio Hills, which run along the border between Italy and Slovenia, Fiegl is a family winery which has a history which stretches back to the mid 18th century. As such, they know what they do, and they do it very well indeed.

Today, the traditions and practices of the winery are kept alive by the latest generation of winemakers to work at Fiegl - cousins Martin, Matej and Robert, who bring together an academic knowledge of wine with a passion and reverence for grapes in their unique and beautiful produce. They consider the land they work with as ‘challenging’ - the soil is unforgiving, but packed full of mineral features which help to give their wines the characteristics for which they have become famous.

The gentle slopes of the hills around the village of Oslavia provide the drainage and exposure to sunshine the grapes need to reach full maturity, while the gentle breezes coming from the glittering Adriatic sea help to cool the vines and extend the ripening period. The result - a beautiful array of red and white grapes, growing and thriving in one of Italy’s most precious regions, and wines which demonstrate just what it is that makes this part of the world so special.

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