Ah, Burgundy. It’s the wine region par excellence, which manages to somehow produce some of the finest, most exclusive and expensive wines on earth, as well as the kind of affordable, delicious, approachable bottles you come back to again and again.

With a history which stretches back well over a thousand years, and a range of terroirs and climatic conditions which are envied by pretty much the whole rest of the world, Burgundy truly is a wine lover’s wine region… and it’s in the heart of this special part of France that we find Domaine Delagrange, a winery which is currently making waves with some of their latest releases.

Working primarily with the principle Burgundy grapes - Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, if you’re asking - as well as more unusual local varietals such as Aligote, the winemakers at Domaine Delagrange like to keep things as simple as possible.

Indigenous yeasts, hand-picked grapes, small batch production and minimal chemical intervention are all cornerstones of their wine production methods. Why? Because, according to head winemaker Didier Delagrange, all the hard work and complicated stuff happens out there in the vineyards, via the sunlight, the soil, and the mysteries of nature.

Domaine Delagrange is celebrated for both its appreciation of tradition (which is something that cannot be ignored when you’re working with land as hallowed and respected as the appellations of Burgundy’s Cotes de Beaune) as well as its modern, forward-thinking approach.

This can be seen in their minimal use of oak with their wines, as well as in sustainable techniques more associated with modern organic and natural viticulture. Didier Delagrange is adamant that the lack of oak in the production of his wines allows the fruit flavours to take centre stage; something enormously appreciated by his ever growing army of fans worldwide.

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