It’s fair to say that the winemaking industry occasionally attracts a few eccentric, visionary types… and that’s by no means a bad thing. Wine drinking has long been associated with the more artistic, creative and innovative members of society, so it comes as no real surprise that the production side of things involves similarly interesting characters.

However, the vintners at South Africa’s DeMorgenzon winery are the kind of guys who really do think outside the box, and aren’t afraid of trying truly unique approaches when it comes to producing top quality wine.

With vineyards situated between 200 and 400 metres above sea level, the winery boasts world-beating views of Cape Town and Table Mountain, and benefits from sea breezes coming off two separate oceans.

Take a look between the vines, however, and you might notice something extraordinary: music speakers, pumping out Bach and Beethoven, and all kinds of Baroque classical music, which master winemaker and renowned philanthropist Wendy Applebaum believes gives her naturally grown grapes a unique character and expression.

While the jury might be out when it comes to the scientific accuracy of her beliefs (although her website goes into fascinating detail about Galileo and Fibonacci’s theories on music and nature), nobody is denying that the Chenin Blanc, Syrah and Chardonnay wines she produces are stunning examples of their kind, grown in enviable terroirs which really pack in flavour, expression and quite astounding aromatics.

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