Box Grove Vineyards is the result of a personal and professional journey, beginning in the 1980s, and growing and blossoming alongside the Australian wine industry. Sarah Gough’s winery, based in the beautiful central Victoria region, was the result of her explorations in the world of wine over the past thirty years… and it shows. She kickstarted her career as a viticulturalist under renowned Melbourne foodie pioneer, Hermann Schnider, where she fell in love with new flavours and learnt about the latest possibilities Aussie wine had to offer. Next came explorations in France, then Japan, and then back home, where the Australian food and wine revolution had started to gain some real traction. Sarah was working hard for several big-name wineries at the time, but quickly grew to realise that if she was to hit the notes she knew were possible on her home turf, she’d have to take control of every step of the process. With this thought, Box Grove Vineyards was born.

Box Grove Vineyards can be found in Tabilk, a small settlement in and around the Nagambie Lakes of Goulburn Valley. Here, Sarah Gough lives and works with her children - and by that, she means her literal children, as well as her beloved grapevines. Her land has been used for the production of Rhone-style wines for a hundred and fifty years, and while the deep red earth of central Victoria bears little resemblance to those of central France, the grapes which grow here do so with bags of flavour and character packed into every fruit. She’s recently began expanding her portfolio of varietals to include other Old World grapes, and her thirty years of dedication and expertise are gaining her an army of fans, each eager to see what she comes up with next.

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