Quality red wine has always had a touch of the gothic about it - when sipping at a delicious glass of deep red Shiraz, it’s often tempting to imagine yourself as a romantic hero, locked away in a crumbling castle deep in the forest. The guys at Yarra Glen’s Blood Moon winery might not embody this image themselves, but there’s an irresistibly gothic edge to this operation, which was dreamed up in 2014 beneath the blood moon from which the winery takes its name.

Matthew, Glen, and Alex were a trio of young Aussie wine obsessives who met while studying oenology, and who all worked as hired hands in different aspects of the wine industry. The aforementioned blood moon must have worked its dark magic that night, as they sat around a table sharing a bottle. The trio of friends came to the conclusion that not only could they set up their own winery, but they could create the kinds of wines that captured their personalities, and which ticked all the boxes they look for in a top bottle of vino.

Fast forward a couple of short years, and Blood Moon is growing from strength to strength. By using the expertise they picked up in Yarra Valley and (where else?) Transylvania, they’ve adopted a less-is-more approach which puts its faith in the expertise of Australia’s greatest growers, and the quality of the terroir they work with. Stripped-back, sustainable, and ecologically conscious, Blood Moon are an exciting, dynamic, and refreshing new voice on the Australian wine scene, and one we’ll eagerly follow with great interest.

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