On ANZAC day in 1991, French chef David Bitton landed in Australia with little more than a suitcase in hand. Twenty six years later David along with his wife and business partner Sohani, have built a delicious culinary empire, combining the very best of their cultural heritages.

David and Sohani Developed their unique range of gourmet products in their household kitchen. The pair started from humble beginnings producing just one Jam (a seriously tasty Strawberry and Vanilla Jam) to a range of over 20 products, stocked in more than 500 stores nationally and internationally.

Sohani brings to the table heritage from South Africa and India which can be seen as the couple champion flavours of spice in their products. The marriage of South African, Indian and classic French flavours creates a distinctive palate that is out of this world!

One product that we’re particularly mad about is their Orange Jelly, this luscious Syrup which features a touch a toffee was indeed a beautiful mistake. Drizzled over crème brûlèe, or paired with a cheese board and wine, this jam is a brilliant addition to any gourmet pantry.

The philosophy behind Bitton is to “provide people with a feeling of coming home, of being able to relax and enjoy their meal in the company of good friends.” We absolutely love this idea and are proud to be teaming up with David and Sohani for this Months subscription to the Wine Gallery. Look closely in your box this month to find a special something that you can share with your friends.

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