If you were to head down to Yering Farm in Australia’s beautiful Yarra Valley, you’d be greeted to the rustic and rugged estate by the sound of ducks splashing and quacking, and by rabbits scurrying around your feet - it’s the kind of winery which seems to have grown organically out of its surroundings, all tumbledown wood buildings, and muddy, earthy paths leading out to the vineyards. You’d probably also bump into the owners, who’re constantly out tending their vines or picking apples (Yering Farm produces a mean apple cider alongside their amazing range of wines), and before long you’d be invited into the cellar door for a tasting.


Yering Farm is one of those wineries which makes Yarra Valley such an exciting place to explore; they manage to balance a kind of Old World charm and finesse, with an unmistakably Australian approach to winemaking; it’s about as laid-back as it gets, and yet it’s clear that despite the chilled out atmosphere, plenty of hard work must go into producing wines this good.

Taking most of its inspiration from Burgundy (Chardonnay and Pinot Noir make up the bulk of what Yering Farm does), this is a winery which sticks to the classics, and yet isn’t afraid to put their own spin on things. Natural and sustainable methods take centre stage, the aim, after all, is to pack in all of that lovely, uninterrupted flavour into every bottle. The winery is family run and owned, and only uses fruit from the estate grown vineyard. By limiting their production, they have maintained the high quality of the wines which are made on site by owner and winemaker Alan Johns. Yering Farm's wines are only distributed in select Melbourne restaurants or you can get your hands on them directly from the winery's rustic converted hay barn cellar door.


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