The story of Xabregas is really the story of one individual: Terry Hogan. Despite being an Aussie through and through, Terry’s real love for quality wine was inspired by a trip way back in the ‘60s to Lisbon in Portugal, where he discovered that fine wine needn’t be complicated, and sometimes the best things are life are actually wonderfully simple. He returned to Australia soon after with a growing interest in what was still a burgeoning industry down under, until it became clear that his destiny most definitely lay in the viticulture and winemaking of Western Australia.

Over the years, Terry Hogan was involved in pretty much every aspect of the wine industry. By the early 90’s, he felt ready to take his acquired skills and experience, and show the world what his vision looked, smelled, and tasted like. With that, Xabregas Estates was founded with Terry’s son Paul, and together they oversee one of WA’s most impressive wine operations. Inspired by European classics, yet injected with a thoroughly Aussie enthusiasm and innovative spirit, Xabregas is all about seeking out the elegant in the straightforward. These are wines which led the soil and the fruit do the talking, and which take the terroir provided by their home at Mount Barker, and get as much of it as possible across in every bottle. Xabregas is a real labour of love, built up from that one moment of inspiration on the other side of the world, which blossomed into a winery which couldn’t have come from anywhere else on earth.

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