It’s that time of year again! The scent of pine in the air, the ringing of sleigh bells (as long as you’ve been well behaved) and the fluorescence of your neighbours decorations constantly reminding you to put up some fairy lights.

But when presents are all unwrapped, the table is set and Uncle Steve demands for the fifth time that someone get him a drink, what do you reach for?

Here are a few tips to make December 25th a glorious day.

1. Sparkling

You can’t have Christmas without something fizzy at hand. Whether it’s Prosecco to kick things off, a glass of Champagne with oysters or that distinctly Aussie drink, sparkling Shiraz, with the Christmas ham, it’s almost obligatory to have a bottle of sparkling in the fridge.

2. Beer

Okay, not technically a wine. Well, not a wine at all. But it could almost fit into the category above, so we're keeping it ;) Either way we think it deserves its own section. For those times when the cricket is on, or perhaps you’re sitting out on the deck. Keep it cold.

3. Riesling

Crispness again is the key here – make sure you’ve got a bottle or two of dry Riesling in the fridge. There is literally nothing better to accompany prawns, King George Whiting, or for that matter, most any seafood you'll chowing down on. The acidity is the key, so make sure you’ve lemon or lime juice on hand.

4. Semillon

A little overlooked these days, but another contender for the Most Suitable Wine for Seafood award. The lemon flavours and the faint grassiness of Semillon work wonders with squid and white-fleshed fish.

5. Rosé

2017 certainly has been a year for rosé! Everywhere you look it’s being poured, from the flashiest restaurants to the pub up the road. Any producer worth their salt has made one, and all the better for us drinking it! There’s a wide range of styles out there, but I prefer the drier ones, with a bit of spice and texture. Perfect with Christmas Ham.

6. Sangiovese

Maybe a little left-field, but I’m coming to believe that the savouriness and the grippy tannins of Sangiovese, combined with its red fruit and touch of herbaceousness, are the most versatile match for a range of red meats. This means whatever is on the table, there is a Sangiovese to be drunk!

7. Shiraz

The above being said, there are times when all that is really needed is a glass of Australian Shiraz. Lunch is over, the sun is slowly setting and you’re settling into the couch….the comfort of the local iconic grape is hard to beat. After all, Christmas is about relaxing and being with the ones you love, right?

Now that you know the right wines to crack open this Christmas, it's time to pick the perfect last-minute gift for the wine-lovers in the family.

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