Want an example of just how good modern South African wine can be? Just check out the beautiful examples produced by Vinum, a proudly African winery based in the peerless region of Stellenbosch, where traditional techniques meet modern technology under the blazing southern sun. Vinum was first established around the turn of the millennium, when a rush of enthusiasm was entering the South African wine scene. It’s founders were keen to continue the momentum surrounding the industry, and explore the possibilities of what might happen if South African wine stopped trying to be France, or Spain, or Italy… and just focused on being itself.

Vinum quickly established itself as a winery based on the expression of Stellenbosch terroir, where the heat of the day is tempered by the cool, breezy nights, and where grapes grow to astonishing levels of ripeness and pack in mountains of flavour. After their first few releases, it was clear that Vinum and the team behind their growing portfolio of wines were really onto something special, and their wines began attracting some lofty praise and international attention. Despite the fact that their operation was growing rapidly, the winemakers stuck to their principles of keeping things relatively small-batch and ensuring that attention to detail and meticulosity remained at the heart of everything they did.

Fast forward a few years, and Vinum continue to impress wine lovers both in South Africa and elsewhere in the wider world, and they continue to show off the spectacular qualities of Stellenbosch to a global audience of appreciative drinkers.

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