Remember all the anxiety surrounding the coming of the year 2000? We were constantly bombarded with paranoid stories of the millennium bug, of ecological collapse, of the end of the world as we know it… and yet, had we also known that the year 2000 would also see the first release of high-quality wines from Vino di Ventisquero, we most probably would have been a whole lot more relaxed about it all. Why? Because Ventisquero wines are utterly delicious, and are packed full of the kind of enthusiasm, energy, and fantastic flavours and aromas we’ve come to expect from winemakers in this part of the world. Make no mistake, if you’re looking to get into Latin American wines in 2019 and see what all the fuss surrounding Chile is about, Vino di Ventisquero is by no means a bad place to start.

Since 2000, the vintners at this superb Chilean operation have been flying the flag for the very finest of South American wine, and proudly ushered in a new age for Chile’s wine industry as a whole. Youthful, energetic, and idealistic, Vino di Ventisquero is intent on reimagining what Chilean wine can be for an increasingly curious and adventurous set of international fans, and overturning the dodgy reputation of Chile’s output in the 90’s. Thanks to a successful run of early vintages, the team behind this label have been allowed to explore their high altitude terroir, spread their wings a bit, and get under the skin of what their scene is really all about: big flavours, surprising complexity, and making the kind of vino that’s an absolute joy to crack open and drink with friends.

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