The history of Spanish wine is a long and illustrious one. Certain wineries in the principal Spanish wine regions have taken it upon themselves to bridge the past with the present, to ensure that the old ways can inform the new, and that the modern Spanish wines produced still show their reverence for the glories of centuries gone by. Top of the list of such wineries is CVNE, who produce the Vina Real Viura that is making some real waves around the world today. CVNE (Compania Vinicola del Norte de Espana) was established way back in 1879 by the Real de Asua family, and today, their descendents are still getting their hands dirty in and around the vineyards of their Rioja estates.

This is a winery which perfectly encapsulates the contemporary Rioja wine scene. On the one hand, the traditions of the region are respected and revered; low-yielding vines of particular varietals are grown in much the same way as they always were, and vinified in ways that will guarantee the highest levels of expression and flavour. On the other, they aren’t afraid to experiment or move with the times. It wasn’t so long ago that the winemakers at CVNE built a brand spanking new stainless steel winery in Haro, in an effort to keep up with changing trends and explore how their Tempranillo and Viura grapes (among others) would fare in different conditions. The bottles coming out of CVNE are rarely anything short of exemplary - this is a winery which continues to innovate, keeps in touch with its deeply loved roots, and has very much earned its place in the pantheon of top-notch Old World wine producers.

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