Ask any winemaker, and they’ll tell you that while you can make poor quality wine on great land, you absolutely cannot make great wine on poor quality land. This way of thinking, led by a deeper understanding of and desire for expression of terroir, has caused vintners all over the world to reappraise their approach, and seek out the best possible vineyards for them to work with, nurture and sustain.

This is certainly true in the case of Viña Ilusion, a Spanish winery set up in 1992, which strives to bring 100% organic and permaculture-driven viticulture to the grand landscapes of La Rioja.

Rioja is Spain’s most famous and well-respected wine region. The winemakers of Viña Ilusion maintain that in order to make the most of the excellence of this verdant, beautiful piece of Spanish landscape, great effort must be made to ensure that nothing is lost between vineyard and bottle.

They’ve looked to the visionary approaches of Japanese agricultural reformer Masanobu Fukuoka and biodynamics pioneer Rudolph Steiner for inspiration, and use a wealth of permacultural and natural winemaking techniques to get maximum levels of expression out of their gorgeous, earthy, intense wines.

This is Rioja like you’ve never known before… and it tastes a lot like the future.

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