Ben Gould is a winemaker with a vision.

But let's go back a step. To date, Ben has 18 vintages under his belt, but they aren't the easy vintages of a certain type of winemaker intergenerational royalty dictating orders to the those getting their hands dirty. Ben has done every level of job you could possibly think of when it comes to making wine. From handpicking grapes all the way to up to balancing.

And his experience and hard work has paid off, as he has gradually worked his way into being one of the most important and influencial organic grapegrowers in Western Australia. Culminating in being named in the best of the best by the Gourmet Traveller WINE magazine in 2011.

Most recently Ben has combined his passion for organic viticulture with financial nous, he and his wife Naomi, used crowdfunding to snap up a vineyard in the Margaret River region a few years back.

The 50-acre vineyard in Quindalup, in northern Margaret River, will provide enough grapes for his entire range of organically-grown wines.

Always looking for different varieties and techniques to play around with, Ben has experimented with wine-in-a-can, sparkling wines made from unusual varieties and a wide range of barrel aging.

Expect more surprises from him in the future as he branches out into brewing and honey production!

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