The fact that Australian wineries are now leading the world when it comes to organic and biodynamic viticulture is well understood. Aussies just can’t get enough of the stuff, and understand that in order to forge a distinctively Australian wine character, and to produce highly expressive wines, there really needs to be as little intervention as possible when it comes to growing and vinifying the grapes.

Sutton Grange winery - these days led by the ever-impressive Melanie Chester - is set on the site of the renowned horse racing facility, and is galloping ahead when it comes to bringing out consistently delicious organic wines.

Melanie Chester is a woman deeply in love with the entire winemaking process, which is why she decided to run her winery as a single estate, over which she could have full creative control.

For her, coming to organic and biodynamic methods was a no-brainer; she wanted to get her hands dirty, and have the kind of connection with her soil and her grapes you simply can’t get via other viticultural methods.

The results speak for themselves; these are juicy, drinkable, fruit-driven wines which are made for drinking in the open air, surrounded by friends, conversation and laughter.

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