If there’s one winery that has made significant waves in the world of Australian wines recently, it’s Spinifex. Vintners Peter Schell and Magali Gely have much to celebrate, being recently proclaimed as the ‘saviours of Australian wine’ and the heralds of the ‘new Barossa Valley’.

Interesting, perhaps, as their vines are far from new - indeed, most of the grapes they work with come from vines which are genuinely historic and over a hundred years old. What is exciting about them, though, is the fact that they are bringing ten generations of fine, French winemaking to Barossa, thanks to Gely’s family who own ancestral wineries in Montpellier, and who’ve clearly been sharing some precious family secrets.

Today, Spinifex is continuing to do what it does best: taking some of the finest grape varietals on earth, and allowing them to express the unique character of the Barossa Valley, a place they clearly revere and believe in as a world-class wine producing region. Their main focus is on their characterful, complex red wines, but they produce at least one white wine per vintage, and also make one of Australia’s most sought after rosé wines.

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