Describe your wine list in a few short sentences.

It's a medium-sized list focused on things that I want to drink with the food that is being served in the restaurant. Recent vintages from small producers in Europe and California, and older vintages of classic producers that are ‘best in class’.

What do you love most about being a sommelier?

Introducing guests to wines they have never tried before and seeing their reactions to it. I love the puzzle-solving element, diners give you some clues in what they need, and then being able to decipher that and find them a wine that will hit all the right notes.

What is your favourite wine you’ve ever drunk?

Hard to say a single wine, because a lot of it is about time, place, company…more than just the wine itself. However, I remember tasting a 1947 Clos de Lambrays when I was working at Quay (in Sydney) and being blown away by the freshness and power of the fruit in the wine. It was the first time I really understood how very old wine has an ability to move you like no other.

What’s the most exicitng wine region in Australia right now and why?

So many to choose from, but I love the work that the younger winemakers are doing in Margaret River. There is some great terroir there, and the wines from Vinicullo, Si Vintners, Dormilona etc are brilliant. Low alcohol expressions that are not chasing big scores, just pure enjoyability in the glass.

Any funny stories from service involving wine?

I remember serving a bottle of Billecart-Salmon tableside and the cork exploded out, champagne went everywhere including all over my face, for some reason I tried to pretend it didn't happen and proceeded to serve the wine with rose champgane literally dripping off my face at the table.

What’s your wine glass of choice?

Zalto universal for its sheer adaptability. Nothing is worse for being served in that glass.

How can I get the best out of my sommelier in a restaurant?

Give them a budget, a style you are looking for, and maybe one or two producers you've had in the past that you enjoyed - from there the sommelier has a lot to work with.

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