Western Australia is a treasure trove of undiscovered vineyards, hidden diamonds in the rough, and grape growers who know and love their land better than those at any more established winery. That’s the philosophy of Snake & Herring, a pair of self-styled ‘wine pirates’, who scour their map of WA to seek out the buried treasure the rest of us miss, and use the fruit they find to blend and produce wines that represent this special corner of the planet.

Snake (Tony Davis) and Herring (Redmond Sweeney) are a pair of old friends, united by their love of great Aussie wine, and their distaste for the conventional, the over-packaged and lazy in viticultural terms. They’ve set themselves up as a pair of mavericks, whose approach is to seek out the soul of Aussie wines by bringing packages of fruit from the wilderness to light. While this all might sound a little fanciful at times, there’s a real method in their madness. Their focus is terroir-driven, and their experience has led them to deeply understand which slices of the west coast are most capable of delivering the goods when it comes to character, flavour and aroma. The results, too, speak for themselves. Snake & Herring wines show what can become of well-known grape varietals when left alone to do their thing in different landscapes… and their bottles are rarely anything less than fantastic and fascinating in equal measures.

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