You've no doubt seen the blow-up all over social media this week regarding the opinions of a baby boomer journo at News Corp who has suggested (we admit tongue-in-cheek) that the reason Millennials are finding it so difficult to save for a first home deposit is that we're dropping too much of our hard earned coin on smashed avo on toast.

It's got nothing to do with the median house price resembling that of a super yacht, the fact that negative gearing is artificially propping it up, or anything like that. It's because you waste your money on the delicious creamy green delight that is the avocado.

But all you perennial renters, don't worry... cafes around Australia are discounting their smashed avos this weekend to help you save up that deposit. And millennial sympathy hats are even being made.

So we thought we would do our part for the cause, and give you the best wine matches for what some are saying should be our new national dish.

So here we go:

Avocado is actually pretty tough to pair. It's rich; creamy flavour needs wines that can cut through. Stick to refreshing whites with an acidic bite, but plenty of herbaceous flavours such as Sauvignon Blanc or a dry Riesling.

Red wines are going to be trickier as tannins can react badly with the avo. So if you do brave it, stick to the lighter reds such as Pinot Noir. Rosé is a great alternative. Refreshing on a hot day at your favourite cafe, but with some more bite from red fruit flavours.

But since apparently we're not going to be able to buy a house anyway, why not splurge a tad more and pick up a bottle of Champagne. The high acidity yet creamy texture could make this your new favourite food and wine combo!

Hope this helps make your weekend smashed avo splurge that little bit tastier.

There you have it -- the best wine matches for smashed avocado!

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