If you worked with land as beautiful as Smallfry’s vineyards in Eden Valley and Vine Vale, you’d want your work to be as sustainable, land-friendly and organic as possible, too. Suzi Hilder and Wayne Ahrens are no bandwagon jumpers - they’ve been championing the organic revolution in viticulture for 25 years, and have been at the very forefront of natural winemaking in Australia, inspiring plenty of imitators. The result? A portfolio of truly stunning, deeply characterful Australian wines that are the ultimate expression of their Barossa Valley terroir. The proof - as they say - is in the pudding, and with such delicious, food-friendly and more than moreish wines, their dedicated natural approach is justified time and time again.

Suzi and Wayne of Smallfry consider themselves traditional winemakers. The whole point of their viticultural adventure is to allow the fruit that they grow to speak for itself - something which is becoming part of the Australian wine identity as a whole. Local wild yeasts, basket presses, hand-picked grapes… if it’s small in scale, traditional and involves zero intervention, then Smallfry are on it. It seems the future of Barossa looks a lot like the distant past of winemaking - and that’s no bad thing at all.

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