We all like a good love story, and the story behind Schwarz is one of a man finding his calling, falling in love with the muddy reality of making wine, and transforming a passion into a successful business. Jason Schwarz was never a stranger to viticulture - indeed, he grew up surrounded by vines at his parents’ house. However, he believed his future in wine was one in which he’d take the office role, using his marketing degree to focus on the commercial side of the wine world. He was going to be behind the scenes, behind a nice tidy desk, and home by 5:30 each day. So, in order to gain some knowledge, he took off on his travels to learn how it’s all done in some of the great wine regions of the world, including Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Napa Valley, but the pull of the vineyards and the fruit was too much for him. Before long he was taken by the winemaking process, was seduced by the unpredictable hours and the early mornings spent in the dirt and among the grapes... and he decided to become a vintner himself.

Come 2001, he had set up his own winery and was planting his own vineyards near in childhood home, in Australia’s flawless Barossa Valley. He originally focused on Shiraz and Grenache, and found promising results with these typically Aussie varietals, but later experimented with white varietals such as Chenin Blanc. This grape enabled him to emulate some of the techniques he’d picked up in France and attempt to bring some of that Old World finesse and structure down under. He sources much of his fruit from some of the finest grape growers in Barossa, and Jason Schwarz believes that his philosophy of minimal intervention - putting his faith foremostly in the quality of his fruit - allows for maximum expression of the land on which he was raised. Delicious, honest, and the product of some seriously hard work, they’re the ideal introduction to what Barossa does best.

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