When it comes to making top quality Australian wines, the Laureti family know where it’s at. Since 1990, Saddler’s Creek Wine has been at the forefront of the industry, using a winning combination of small-batch, attention-driven techniques inspired by traditional winemaking, and state-of-the-art technology designed to eke out every last drop of expression and flavour from their characterful grapes.

The results have been consistently spectacular from the very first vintages, and Saddler’s Creek continues to grow from strength to strength with every new label launched and bottle released.

The winery’s philosophy is one we’re more than used to seeing on the contemporary Aussie wine scene. The Laureti’s believe that the best wines are made by carefully selecting the finest grapes from the vineyards they use, and by building up lasting, mutually respectful relationships with their network of growers.

By paying close and careful attention to the characteristics of each vineyard and its unique terroir, they’re able to know which varietals are going to yield the most interesting results… and as such, they’ve been able to build up a truly impressive portfolio of wine styles, capable of showing off the very best Australia has to offer.

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