We love wineries which celebrate the underdogs of the grape world. We also love wineries which know how to perfect the classics, and bring us superb bottles made from the big name grapes, too. Imagine our delight when we discovered Rutherglen Estates - a northeast Victoria wine producer which really does seem to do it all. From their iconic ‘stickies’ to wonderful table wines made from a massive array of grape varietals, Rutherglen Estates is on a mission to bring to the Australian table the bold, the brilliant, the unusual and the underrated.

Founded by the Shelley family way back in the 1850s, this is an estate which has a deep and comprehensive connection with the land… and it shows in each and every bottle they produce. Using a wide array of traditional and ultra-modern winemaking methods, the vintners of Rutherglen Estates have a range which most other wineries would baulk at. There’s a range of classy and expressive Shiraz and Sauvignon Blanc wines, as one might expect, but they also experiment with plenty of varietals which rarely see the light of day in Australia (let alone anywhere else in the world). Take, for example, their Savagnin wines - a varietal barely seen outside of the alpine hills of Jura - or those made from Durif, or indeed their signature blend of Viognier, Marsanne, and Roussanne which is also known as their 'Renaissance VRM' made from grapes grown on the original 19th century Shelley vineyard. A real treat, and a genuine taste of Aussie innovation and single-mindedness. We’re smitten!

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