Sure I'll go for a run.

But only if it's to the bottleshop to buy wine. And only if we drive ;)

But all jokes aside, here at the Wine Gallery we get that one of the main reasons we keep fit and healthy is so that we can enjoy a few of the finer things in life, like delicious foods and of course great bottles of wine. ...In moderation of course.

That's why this month we've teamed up with one of the coolest startups we've seen in a long time: Running Heroes

It's really cool. What you do is connect your favourite running app (they have them all on their system), then every time you go for a run you build up points to redeem for cool discounts and exclusive offers from their partner brands.

Or even better you can sign up for their challenges, such as running 7km three times in two weeks, and if you complete it, you can win great prizes. It's pretty much that simple. And they don't charge you anything to be a part of it.

So, if you fancy yourself a bit of a runner, or even if your don't just yet, there's two ways you can get involved.

1: You can do a few laps, build up a bunch of points and get an exclusive discount of 50% off your first box when you redeem some of those hard earned running points. Check it out here.

2: Join our awesome running challenge. If you go on three runs of 7km or more in the next couple of weeks, you can go in the chance to win your first box of wine on-the-house. Woo Hoo! Click here to read all the details

That's the whole banana! Now sign up and get running. Running for your wine that is!