What Greg Koch of Redden Bridge Wines doesn’t know about organic and biodynamic viticulture is, as they say, not worth knowing. For an impressive four and a half decades, Greg has been spearheading the Australian organic wine movement from his family vineyard in Wrattonbully, a lesser known wine region bordering Coonawarra in South Australia, and his methods and philosophies have helped inspire plenty of similarly-minded vintners who have shaped the Aussie wine scene as we know it today.

Redden Bridge Wines is all about producing bottles which offer a genuine reflection of the quality of the land the grapes are grown in, and Koch’s belief that organic and biodynamic methods are the best way to achieve this has been justified time and time again. With zero chemical intervention, 100% sustainable approaches, and a sensitivity and connection to the soil that occasionally edges towards the obsessive, Redden Bridge wines really do capture something special, unique, and memorable - and they quite simply couldn’t come from anywhere else on earth.

Working alongside the award winning winemaker Anna Hooper, Greg Koch is determined to keep standards as high as humanly possible, and to combine his tireless belief in traditional winemaking with an approach which is never less than innovative and revolutionary.

Working with shiraz, cabernet and pinot gris grape varietals produced in their own vineyard, the team at Redden Bridge have pinpointed the best vineyards and microclimates they need to really make a massive impact in each and every bottle, and have gathered a dedicated following as a result. Red soils, blue skies, and plenty of sweat and tears go into every bottle this respected winery releases, and we’re never less than floored by the amazing flavours and aromas they manage to produce.

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