There probably aren’t many parts of the world quite as beautiful as the Spanish coast near Alicante, and it’s fair to say a great deal of this beauty ends up being transferred from the land into the bottle.

This is certainly the case when it comes to the winery of Rafa Bernabe, whose high altitude vineyards overlook the sparkling Mediterranean sea, and take in an astonishing amount of minerals from the arid, sandy land they’re situated on.

Rafa Bernabe wines are all about using a blend of local and international grape varietals, and using zero intervention, organic viticulture methods to let the fruit speak for itself in the glass. These are natural wines, Spanish style - vivid, gripping, brilliantly coloured and perfumed, and endlessly fascinating.

The vin naturel movement is still finding its feet in Spain (this is a highly traditional wine producing country, after all), but the success that Rafa Bernabe has had with his rustic wines - which use no added yeast, no sulfites, and absolutely no chemical additions - is inspiring others to follow in his footsteps.

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