As Uruguay continues to make its mark on the international wine scene, it’s highly likely we’re going to start hearing a lot more about its unique wineries, their fascinating histories, and their dedication to putting beautiful wine regions like Canelon Chico on the map. Pizzorno is a classic example of what Uruguay does best; this stunning winery works closely with the ecosystem, ensuring sustainable operations that not only bring delicious results, but which ensure that Uruguay’s rise to global wine success isn’t a short-lived one.

What’s more, Pizzorno has that wonderful sense of experimentation and innovation which is characterising this intriguing country’s output, and are planting and working with an impressive array of Old World grapes which range from the expected to the highly unusual. In doing so, this winery is carving out a new reputation and character for the rest of the world to discover, and they’ve already won themselves plenty of fans worldwide as a result.

The Pizzorno family headed from Italy to Uruguay in 1910, and upon arriving, recognised that the region of Canelon Chico bore a close resemblance to their favourite wine regions back in the old country. Soils were fertile, the climatic conditions were just right, and the elevation allowed for the growing of quality grapes. For almost a hundred years, the family worked the land and provided quality local wines for the domestic market.

Come the turn of the new millennium, however, great-grandson Carlos Pizzorno decided the time was right to take his family’s produce to the wider world, and began experimenting with an exciting range of varietals (include little known grapes like Muscat of Hamburg, Tannat, Arinarnoa, and Marselan), and getting truly delicious results from his efforts. Today, Pizzorno is achieving great things with their beautiful varietal wines and blends, and helping Uruguay truly make its mark on the scene.

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