When it comes to quality Old World white wines, there really is nowhere quite like the Alsace region of France. Well, we say ‘France’, but this is a chunk of land which has been fought over for centuries, and certainly has more of a Germanic feel than a Gallic one… and that goes as much for its wine as for its landscape, architecture, food culture, and pretty much everything else. Pierre Brecht (who has the typically Alsatian French first name and German surname) runs a winery which is the perfect embodiment of everything that makes this part of the world special, and consistently brings out the kind of crisp, mineral, zesty and delicious whites that we love and associate with Alsace.

The winemaking here is staunchly traditional, and the wineries often date back to the 1600s. This ancient knowledge and tradition are put to great use at Pierre Brecht, where the approach to winemaking hasn't changed in centuries. Working only with the local varieties of Alsace, they craft wines of great purity and freshness.

The winery itself has been slowly updated over the years, so whilst you'll find stainless steel tanks tucked at the back of the main shed, there's also ancient barrels and a press that is nearly 50 years old.

Careful and precise winemaking is the name of the game here, with meticulous attention to detail in the vineyard taken for granted. The wines of Pierre Brecht are a great introduction to all Alsace has to offer.

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