It’s no secret that many of the world’s greatest wineries are very much family affairs, with mothers, fathers, kids, grandparents, cousins and even more distant relatives all mucking in with each stage of the winemaking process. It’s a business model which has been around since the dawn of civilisation, and family wineries do a great job of finding their style, niche, and whatever makes them unique in an often highly standardized market. Paul Cluver winery may take its name from the Cluver clan’s patriarch and chief winemaker, but make no mistake - this top South African operation is very much a family-run one, with Paul’s wife and children being involved from the growing to the harvest to the vinification and bottling.

The Cluver family have been working in the beautiful wine region of Elgin since the late 19th century, and have played a key part in forming much of the identity of this part of the world. They’re dedicated to not only making beautiful, expressive, and identifiably South African wines on their de Rust estate, but also to preserving the unique biodiversity of their land, too. Together with the Cape Nature project, Paul Cluver and his brood have taken steps to cut chemical intervention to the bare minimum, and also to promote the sustainability of their estate. The result? Gorgeously flavourful wines, a healthy, thriving eco-system, and an estate which will serve the next generations of Cluver winemakers.

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