Chances are, if you’ve seen a bottle of Paco and Lola wine in a wine store, you’d have remembered it. This Galician winery use a vivid and memorable polka-dot design to reflect their sharpness and modernity, but this is no gimmick distracting from any sort of lack of quality - these wines are a fantastic expression of what this unique region does best, and what’s wrong with bringing a bit of modernist style to the overly stuffy and old fashioned wine world?

Galicia is not your typical Spanish region. While we think of Spain as being sun baked and packed full of flamenco and bullfighting, Galicia is a celtic region of the country. It’s colder, windier, and the people pride themselves on their iconic celtic roots of witchcraft and ritual. Paco and Lola manage to combine traditional grape varietals and wine making methods with a thoroughly modern approach, spreading their winery over 200 hectares of co-operatively owned smallholdings and making the most of their granite based, mineral rich soils which produce crisp wines of undeniable class and elegance.

Albarino is one of the great Spanish grape varietals - all crisp summeriness and vibrant fruit flavour. They’re razor sharp, lively, minerally and full of brisk grapefruit and citrus notes, and have a touch of the ocean about them… making them a beautiful pairing for fresh fish. They are a perfect match for raw shellfish like oysters and sushi dishes, and they also go wonderfully with the rich, creamy white meat of crab and lobster. This is a wine to be enjoyed on the beach with friends, nibbling on the freshest catch of the day.

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