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Setting the scene

We're a Sydney based, early stage wine startup with the mission to take the intimidation and confusion out of learning, exploring and most importantly drinking delicious bottles of wine. We are building a wine brand that is simultaneously remarkable yet inclusive, and it’s our mission to provide our customers with access to a world of wine that may just have been a little beyond their comfort zone.

We like to think of ourselves as providing monthly wine adventures, customised to each member's unique tastes, delivered to their door. Where they can learn as much (or as little) as the like as we invite them to discover a new world of wine. We're about two years old, and we've just started to hit our stride.

Your Mission

To build a best in class, efficient and scalable warehousing, pick & pack and delivery system, capable of handling rapid growth whilst continually improving our customer experience.

Your Outcomes

1) Warehouse management & design

  • All orders shipped out next day. No excuses.
  • Strict box quality standards always maintained.
  • Meet strict packing KPIs on a cost per boxes pick and packed basis.
  • Hire, train and manage pick and packing staff and ensure all staff packing to strict KPIs and quality standards.
  • Ensure efficient warehouse systems, stock put away and management systems to maintain the pick and pack efficiency of the staff.
  • Ability to also communicate with tech team to automate new systems created.
  • Pick and pack on a daily basis to ensure the above is met.

2) Supply management

  • Zero out of supply incidents from month 2 in the job onwards for boxes and printing materials.
  • Decrease packaging cost by 40% in first six months through more efficient supplier management and materials sourcing. e.g. bulk order and storage costs vs just in time analysis.
  • Cost tracking, uploading, and management.
  • Manage ordering, manufacturing, and delivery from China for our gifts.
  • Handle all purchasing, invoice uploading, and tracking. Zero lost or missed invoices.

3) Stock management

  • Zero out of stock incidents from month 2 in the job onwards.
  • All stock levels accurate from time of delivery to sold.
  • Every bottle accounted for systematically. Zero missing bottles.
  • Cost tracking, invoice matching, and uploading tracking.

4) Customer happiness

  • Customer tickets relating to deliveries.
  • Special requests tickets assigned to you answered within 2 hours.
  • 100% satisfaction rating from customers dealt with.

5) Budgeting, expenses and failed delivery management

  • Less than 1% missing or broken deliveries per month within four months.
  • All broken, missing deliveries accounted for, budgeted and explained.

6) Safety

  • Design and maintain best in class safety standards and procedures.
  • Zero avoidable workplace injuries.
  • Perform a regular safety audit inline with industry best practices.
  • Ensure a clean and safe warehouse free from clutter or mess on a daily basis.

7) Delivery & warehouse strategy

  • Drop shipping cost per delivery by 30% within three months.
  • Negotiate with current providers.
  • Interstate warehouse / drop point.
  • Warehouse and pick & pack design.
  • Own drivers. Software comparison, cost vs service analysis.
  • Plan out and execute a warehouse expansion (open in new cities, countries) and the related delivery/stock optimisation.

Your Competencies

  • Hunger and drive to build something innovative.
  • Healthy scepticism for current industry norms.
  • Ability to also communicate with tech team to automate new systems created.
  • Highly efficient organisation and planning.
  • Passion for improving efficiency through systems.
  • Process operations management training.
  • Extreme attention to detail.
  • Forklift training and experience.
  • Dedication to our customers and excellent customer service manner.
  • Unwavering follow-through on everything.
  • Ability to hire, train and manage staff.
  • Strong work ethic.
  • Extremely high standards.
  • Outstanding communication skills, written and verbal.

What you've got to do?

If after reading the above, it sounds right up your alley and you're dying to apply, then please send through at least your CV and cover letter to: jobaroos@thewinegallery.com.au including the following info: Two reasons why you think KPIs are important. Three reasons why you wish to work with us. Two previous jobs you completed which have helped you develop the skills necessary for this job. And one thing you think we need to improve in our current business right away

That's the whole burrito!