If there’s one thing we really love and appreciate about the Australian wine industry right now, it’s that it is finally getting to grips with the idea that this country is massively varied when it comes to topography, climate, and terroir… and much more besides. As a result, wineries are being more experimental than ever before when it comes to growing a wide range of grape varietals, and this can only be a good thing for us wine obsessives! This appreciation of variety and range is an approach and philosophy that Monterra Wines is using as the basis of their impressive operations, and they seriously excel in delivering the goods. The vintners behind this winery take massive pleasure in seeking out Aussie vineyards capable of growing grapes rarely seen before in this country, and then marvelling at the results that come about in the bottle.

Capturing the true essence of world-beating wine regions like Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale, Adelaide Hills and the Fleurieu Peninsula is no mean feat. However, thanks to the skill and knowledge of the winemakers at Monterra Wines, it all seems utterly effortless. Small batches, low yielding vines, and a commitment to excellence and consistency all pay off beautifully, and we’re left with a mesmerising array of bottles which demonstrate the sheer breadth of wines our country is capable of producing.

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