While we’re frequently excited and intrigued by the many new wine regions popping up around the world, there’s still plenty of room in our hearts for those which have genuinely stood the test of time, and which have been at the peak of their powers for centuries. Step forward Rioja: the most prestigious wine region of Spain, and home to some of the greatest terroirs and wineries there has ever been. Monte Clavijo is one such winery. Situated in the heart of Rioja’s green and rolling hillscapes, it’s an operation which takes its role as standard-bearer for fine Spanish wine very seriously indeed, and one which consistently produces seriously impressive bottles of red and white vino.

Overseen by the young star of Rioja winemaking, Paloma Redondo, Monte Clavijo is all about seeking out the very best plots of land for quality grape cultivation, and then approaching that fruit with the sensitivity and respect it deserves. Utilising a combination of both traditional and modern winemaking methods, Redondo has been able to bring forward a tantalising portfolio of time-honoured Spanish wine styles, and has won no shortage of fans in the process. From deep and spicy reds to the most vibrant and mouth-watering whites, Monte Clavijo is about as good an introduction to top-notch Spanish wine as you’re likely to find anywhere. Sensational!

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