Minim is one of those fantastic Australian organisations that seemed to arise from a spirit of trial-and-error, with a couple of guys with little background in wine using their sense of taste, their knowledge of what they like to drink themselves, and plenty of intuition to boot.

Supposedly launched in a mate’s garage, with a load of Heathcote Shiraz grapes and some hand-me-down bits of winemaking kit, Minim continues to be a small-scale operation.

It’s run with plenty of love and passion, and with absolutely zero room for pretentiousness or fakery - something which has grown to be massively appreciated by lovers of authentic Victoria red wine.

Minim’s founder, Tim Sproal, sources his grapes from the finest and most interesting vineyards he can find around Heathcote and Bendigo, as he’s mainly interested in producing wines which couldn’t come from any other part of the world.

His winery is soon set to expand, with new Shiraz vineyards being planted in prime Victoria wine country, and he’s developed a reputation for unusual blends, which rewrite the rules of what wine can and should be… and invariably taste fantastic.

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