What you'll need:

  • 1 medium onion, chopped finely
  • 3 tbsp vegetable oil
  • 3 finely chopped garlic cloves
  • ½ tsp brown sugar
  • 400g tin of chopped tomatoes
  • 1 tsp chipotle paste
  • 1 small red onion, cut into rings
  • 4 chicken breasts
  • A few coriander leaves
  • Corn tortillas to serve
Time: 25 minutes
Serves: 4



In a medium saucepan, first heat the oil and then add the onions to soften for five minutes. Chuck in the chopped garlic for another minute, until everything begins to turn slightly golden. Stir in the sugar, chipotle paste and tomatoes, and mix well.


Once well combined, add the whole chicken breasts and cover with the sauce. Cook for twenty minutes on a steady simmer until the meat is cooked through (you might want to add some water if it gets too dry).


Once the chicken is fully cooked, remove from the pan and shred using two forks. Stir the shredded chicken back into the sauce, and season to taste. Scatter the coriander and red onion over the whole lot, and serve in a bowl with the corn tortillas.

For a beautifully matching wine, crack open a heart and earthy Rioja. Navarro Lopez ‘Tierracalar’ Tempranillo 2015 is going to be gorgeous with densely flavourful Mexican dishes!

There you have it -- a delicious recipe for Mexican Chicken One-Pot Wonder!

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