Australia has long since proven itself to be one of the world’s leading wine producing countries, and one of the reasons for this is due to its stunning variety of lands and climatic conditions.

It was this range, and the excitement and inspiration born from it, that led the Ferguson family to up sticks, move to Adelaide, and set up Massey wines.

They’d travelled across Australia as a young family, sampling grapes and wines everywhere from Margaret River to Canberra, and settled in Adelaide as the best location to begin their wine business, fired up by the city’s innovative and bold spirit, and further convinced by the great terroir and thriving vineyards they found there.

For the past few years, Massey has grown as a business, expanding their repertoire and sourcing grapes from the best vineyards from around the stunning Adelaide Hills.

Despite this expansion, they still refer to their operation as ‘bloody small’ - referring to the fact that they’re housed in a historic stone-built winery, which uses small basket presses to produce unique and characterful wines, full of the flavours of the area they fell in love with.

Bevan and Catherine Ferguson are dedicated to making wines which are accessible to all, affordable yet full of life, and their aim is to create wine which truly tastes of where it comes from.

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