Despite all the bombast and jargon we have to put up with in the wine world, truly wonderful vino comes down to a handful of pretty simple factors; great land, great fruit, and great people. Mas Que Vinos was founded on exactly those principles, when a trio of mates came together in 1998, and decided to see what they were able to produce with their combined knowledge, expertise and passion. That was the ‘people’ part of the equation complete - now all they needed was the land and the fruit.

The land in question was found pretty easily. Gonzalo Rodriguez - the man with perhaps the most Spanish name of all time - was one of the three friends, and he was keen to check out the potential of the vineyards near his family home in Toledo. He had some family connections to an old estate, so once the papers were signed, they could really start their project in earnest. The fruit side of things came down to the women in the group - Margarita Madrigal and Alexandra Schemedes.

They were interested in rescuing some old plots of indigenous Rioja region fruit, and giving them the opportunity to flourish as contemporary wine grapes. The decision was made to go all organic, and before long, the first Mas Que Vinos wines were produced. In 2007, the trio built their new winery in Cabanas des Yepes, and it’s fair to say they’ve never looked back since. This is truly characterful Spanish winemaking, and pulling the heights of elegance out of sheer simplicity.

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