What do you get when you combine a ‘self-confessed chemistry nerd’ with some of the finest vineyards in Western Australia?

Well, the answer would be Mark Warren’s unique range of classic and unusual wines, which bring together a natural flair for winemaking with a level of attention to detail that means every bottle leaving the winery has been deemed good enough to bear his name.

Warren is the vintner behind some of WA’s most fascinating wine labels, including Honey Bear. This particular label was set up as a way to explore some of the classics of the wine world, and to see what would happen if an experimental attitude was applied to certain varietals.

Mark Warren always tries to strike a certain balance in all that he does, and this certainly applies to his highly successful winemaking techniques. On the one hand, his wine is made with a deeply scientific approach, ensuring optimum flavour, aroma and structure.

On the other, experimentation is key - instincts take a central role, and fingers remain tightly crossed until the first glass is poured. Whatever strange alchemy he gets up to in his winery, one thing is for sure: Warren’s definitely onto something, and his wines are popping up more and more on fine wine lists across the country.

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