The northeast parts of Spain are a fascinating corner of Europe. Here, two of the oldest wine producing countries on earth collide, and Spanish passion and fire begin to blend with French finesse and sophistication, resulting in a culture which is more than the mere sum of its parts. This is great news for lovers of fine sparkling wine, as regions such as Catalunya play host to some of the best producers of Cava in Spain. One such winery is Mainegra, a traditional Cava producer based in the hilly, cool sub-region of Penedes, where tradition is taken seriously and carefully blended, delightfully bubbly sparkling wines are the order of the day.

Although Mainegra uses traditional methods in its Cava production, quite a lot has changed since Penedes Cava was first introduced to the world back in the 19th century. In the beginning, these wines were a fairly unrefined copy of Champagne, and it took many years and a lot of hard work and dedication for the finest Cava wineries to overturn the negative reputation they’d been landed with from the start. Mainegra most certainly is not a winery which attempts to mimic that more famous French region, and regularly brings out impressive examples of dry, extra dry and semi-sweet sparkling Spanish wine which are perfect for drinking alongside hearty Mediterranean feasts, full of fun and laughter. Low yielding harvests of Viura, Parellada and Chardonnay varietal grapes result in a blend which is packed full of character, with great acidity and balance, and we can expect Mainegra Cava to be at the forefront of this wine style’s renaissance, which is undoubtedly well underway.

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