You can always rely on the Italians when it comes to good, old-fashioned family winemaking. The Zago family fit the bill perfectly; their ancestors have been farming the land along the banks of the beautiful river Piave for generations, and few know this stretch of land and its peculiarities better. Across the last century, family members dabbled somewhat in viticulture (this is Italy, after all), but it wasn’t until the great Italian wine renaissance in the 1970s that they started taking winemaking seriously, and began exploring the potential their ancestral soils possessed.

In 1978, Luigino Zago decided that the time was right to turn the family estate over to the production of traditional Veneto wines. It was a wise move: the size of his family farm meant that the entirety of the process - from the grape growing all the way through to the bottling - could take place on the estate, meaning he could oversee each stage with his signature attention to detail and passion for excellence. As the winery grew, so did Luigini’s family. Today, he continues to work his stunning lands alongside his two children, who helped push the operation comfortably into the 21st century, allowing their dad to bring his characterful Veneto wines to a global audience of appreciative fans.

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