The wine scene of Argentina is a long and proud one, and one which has been created by vintners making the long, transatlantic trek to south America, in order to seek out new lands and new opportunities. The story behind Bodega Luigi Bosca is pretty typical when it comes to top quality Mendoza wineries; Great-grandfather Leoncio Arizu turned up in Argentina in 1890, and ten years later decided to try his hand at viticulture in the Mendoza region (which was just beginning to establish itself as something of a miraculous land for winemaking). Arizu was from an old Basque family, and he joined forces with the Boscas - who’d made the same trip over from Piedmont in Italy - to set up his winery. The Spanish and the Italians discovered that their shared passion for delicious, expressive, and characterful wines was the key to some seriously good produce… and the rest, as they say, is history.

Over a century later, and the winery of Luigi Bosca is still run by the same two families, and they’re still celebrating their Spanish and Italian heritage in this brave new land which constantly throws up new surprises. Set against the backdrop of the Andes, their high altitude vineyards are - like so many others in Mendoza - perfect for the growing of really expressive Malbec grapes. Always innovating, constantly striving to capture the sheer majesty of their surroundings in every bottle, and never stopping in their tireless quest for perfection, Luigi Bosca is a real treasure from a very special place indeed.

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